Sydney based. 15+ years leading
sales, marketing, support 
and product teams


  • Chris Renney

    Founder @ HappyShave
    Robert was absolutely brilliant to work with. We've worked with a lot of remote resources, but he was one of the best; incredibly responsive, flexible and produced a result which we're very happy with. We're also impressed with the broad range of skills and knowledge he had which meant we didn't need to engage others. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
  • Sophie Duron

    Throughout his career Robert has developed an in depth understanding of the order-to-cash process. He has a strategic ability to understand complex financial issues. Robert is results & process orientated and values structured client relationships.

    Robert's main talent is his ability to quickly seize & capitalise on new market opportunities and technology - He would definitely be a valuable asset to any Management team.
  • Roger Kermode

    CEO of Incyzr
    Robert was focused, insightful, and diligent. He took the time to understand all the implications of what was being sold and actively contributed to the formation of the products as they were created. Robert skills in being able to straddle the sales and technical aspects of online media would make him a great addition to any online media business.

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